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30 Days Hemprek membership Oct 12, 2018

First thank to everyone who have shown faith in our site made an upgrade.Now we have introduce $100 membership which has a unique feature and that is $27.50 cash credited weekly which will made your monthly $110, a profit of $10 and not that all but you get paid for your own profit.But please remember that free to earn cash and you will get paid for your own click and you don't need to pay anything to get paid.

Earning with Oct 12, 2018 is a place to earn for free and you don't need to invest to get paid. But we are bringing some great opportunity to earn from investing in For every $100 invest you will get paid between 10% to 50% of your investment in a month. within a month you can make a good profit from But we don't force member to invest since member can earn freely from

Paypal Cashout Oct 04, 2018

Paypal charge high fee for small cashout ..Members need to remember that if $0.10 cashout from paypal you will get paid only $0.05 it is charge from paypal and not from us. We don't have any fee cashout from Perfect Money.

Regarding cash out on Jul 06, 2018

Dear members I have seen upgrade members are requesting a very small amount to cash out and it will not benefit you profit if you request a small amount since PayPal has change it's terms again . Now PayPal are charging 50% for personal payment that means if you cash out $0.10 you need to pay$0.05 to paypal.therefore I request every upgrade members to cash out around $0.99 or $1.00above or you will lost your profit to PayPal fee.And some are requesting payment from @hot mail and wrong PM account , so please check it.

Monthly referral contest Jun 05, 2018

monthly referral contest is going so do check in ...

member tanquangn wrong PM account Mar 04, 2018

please check your PM account

paid t but mistakely click on the cancel buttom Feb 25, 2018

payment made to user name : adyztg and Calfan01 thank you

Hemprek Share Program Jan 12, 2018

We have introduce Hemprek Share revenue Program where member can cashout Daily but depend on the share Revenue Reserve. Read Terms and Condition.

Read Terms of Service Jan 11, 2018

Please Read terms of service before Joining or or while withdrawing. Thank you

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